Sporting Clays Pros Staff

Ray Brown

Yucaipa, CA

Home Shooting Facilities
Triple B Clays

NSCA Classification:
Master Class & Veteran concurrent

My Speciality
Sporting Clays

Favourite Fiocchi product?
1 oz. Shooting Dynamics #7.5 for practice (1200 fps)
1 oz. Little Rhino #7.5 for competition (1250 fps)

Reason i use Fiocchi:
They are a very consistent shell that is reasonably priced as compared to other comparable shells.
There is also a full line of products to chose from that would meet any shooters’ needs.
Besides competitions, I do quite a lot of Upland game hunting and also own/operate a private duck hunting club. The waterfowl loads and the Golden Pheasant loads are top notch!


Dylan Burns
Home Town
Bloomington, MN

Home Ranges
MN Horse and Hunt Club
South St. Paul Rod and Gun Club

NSCA Class / Concurrent
Master class
Jr. Concurrent

Shooting Specialty
Sporting Clays and Fitasc

Favorite Fiocchi Product
Fiocchi 7.5 Crusher

Why I shoot Fiocchi?
I shoot Fiocchi products because of their unrivaled quality and performance. After a day of shooting, the difference between shooting Fiocchi and not, is clear. I feel fresher and less fatigued because of the low recoil formula that Fiocchi has engineered into their ammunition. Less frequently am I forced to clean my gun because of Fiocchi’s clean burning powder. I have personally shot Crushers at high and low temperature extremes of -2 to 95 degrees without any issues, loss or deviation of “crushing” performance.

Recent major wins:
- 2016 MN State Fitasc HOA Champion
- 2016 MN State Sporting Jr. Champion and M3
- 2016 Leinenkugel’s 200 HOA Champion
- 2015 National Sporting Main Sub Jr. RU

Diane M Sorantino

Home Town

Home Shooting Facilities
M & M Hunting Preserve Pennsville NJ

NSCA Classification
Master Class

My Speciality
Sporting and FITASC

Favourite Fiocchi product?
12CRSR75 12 gauge Crusher

Reason i use Fiocchi:
Consistent performance and quality.

Anthony Matarese Jr

Home Town
Pennsville, NJ

Home Shooting Facilities
M&M Sporting Clays

My Speciality
Duck Hunting & 5 Stand In 2007: All American 1st Team, Team USA Sporting In 2009: 3rd place Anthony Matarese current Captain Open Team USA Sporting at US Open

Why did i choose Fiocchi?
Their quality and availability is always great.

Who introduced you to the sport ?
I started hunting with my Dad when I was 5 years old and have been hunting and shooting ever since.

Abel Spire

Home Town

My Speciality
Sporting clays, FITASC, 5-stand

NSCA Classification
Master class
Recent Major Wins
2017 Western Regional Champion, 2017 North American FITASC Master 1st, 2017 North Central Regional Runner-up, 2017 South Central Regional FITASC Champion, 2017 South East Regional Prelim Champion

Favourite Fiocchi product?
1 oz Little Rhino #8's

Reason i use Fiocchi: I like shooting The Fiocchi Little Rhino because of its reliability and consistency, also its target crushing performance and low recoil.

Ashley Little
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Home Shooting Facilities
South Florida Shooting Club & Quail Creek Plantation

NSCA Classification:
Master and Lady Concurrent

My Speciality

Favourite Fiocchi product?
12TX75 Little Rhino 1 oz. 7.5 1250 fps

Reason i use Fiocchi:
I shoot Fiocchi ammunition due to the confidence it gives when I compete. With Fiocchi, I have zero anxiety about the quality and performance of the ammunition and can just focus on crushing the targets!

Recent Major wins
2017 Fiocchi Cup East Main Event and Fitasc Lady Champion, 2017 National Championship Main Event Lady Runner Up, 2017 National Championship 20 ga Lady Champion, 2017 North American FITASC and Western Regional FITASC Lady Champion, 2017 South Central Regional Championships Lady FITASC Champion, 2017 American FITASC Grand Prix Lady Champion, 2017 Florida State Main Event and Fitasc Lady Champion

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