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Kenny Armstrong

Home Town
Moody, Alabama

Home Shooting Facilities
Bama Bird Dog Club Southern Skeet & Trap

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My Speciality
Tournament Hunting - United Field Trialers’ Assocation (UFTA)

Why did i choose Fiocchi?
I switch to Fiocchi Ammo in 2006, because I wasn’t satisfied with the performance of my shotgun shells. The shells I was using didn’t have the knock down power I needed for tournament hunting. I tried several different brands before I finally found a manufacture that produced a shell that met all my expectations. I have now used Fiocchi shotgun shells for over 4 years and I couldn’t be happier with the performance of their products.

Who introduced you to the sport?
For as long as I can remember, my hobbies have either centered around hunting or some type of sporting event. That being said; it only makes perfect sense that when a good friend introduced me to the sport Tournament hunting, that I would fall in love with the game. My passion for tournament hunting was fueled by the fact that the sport brings together hunting and competition sports to the same venue. As far as I know, this is the only game where you can compete and go hunting at the same time!Fiocchi has made our success possible and with their help,we plan on being around for a long time.

Doug Williams
Home Town

Home Shooting Facilities , ufta club president south alabama bird dog club

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My Speciality
I have been training labs professionally 28 yrs , i have ran many ukc hunt test with hr and uh passes , in 2001 won the purina national retrieveing championship , 2003 glen potts jr alabama state champ duck dog , 2003 started into ufta tournament timed live bird hunting trials .2008 was high point flushing dog in the nation , 2008 was a two time flushing champion and titled in ukc.2008 ufta nationals 4th place.2009 ufta doubles alabama state champion , 2009 ufta doubles national championship 3rd.2009 alabama duck dog state champion maste hunter class,2009 alabama duck dog state champion hunter class,2009 ufta flushing champion titled ukc,2010 ufta doubles national championship 3rd.2011 ufta doubles national championship 3rd.2011 alabama duck dog series champion.

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