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3-Gun Pro

Home Town
Austin, TX

Home Shooting Facilities
Copperhead Creek Shooting Club, Marble Falls, TX. This range is inside Hidden Falls Adventure Park, and we spend quite a bit of time on dirt bikes and ATV's out there is addition to shooting. Major matches are hosted at Copperhead throughout the year, and it is truly a pleasure to be able to shoot and practice at a facility like Copperhead Creek.

My Speciality
I run a custom gun shop with my brother Ben. We specialize in 1911 and 2011 pistol building, and also specialize in customizing Benelli shotguns for use in 3-gun competition. As a shooter, the shotgun is my strongest discipline. I enjoy shooting shotguns the most, and also seem to have the most natural skill with them. I really love the reloading side of shotgun shooting. Learning new loading techniques and refining my skills is very rewarding when it pays off in a match, and I try to practice reloading my shotgun at least 30 minutes every day.

Favourite Fiocchi product?
my favorite Fiocchi product is the 1oz low recoil 12g slugs. These slugs had transformed my slug shooting from nerve-wracking and unpredictable to fast, accurate and consistent. I have fired some amazing groups with the slugs, and now instead of dreading slug targets, I look forward to them as a great opportunity to put time gaps on my competition.

Reason i use Fiocchi: 
I choose Fiocchi ammo because every single type of round I need is available from one source, from pistol to rifle to slugs and birdshot, including specialty rounds like low recoil slugs and high velocity birdshot required for difficult or unusual targets that require extra power to knock down.

Who introduced you to the sport ?
I was introduced to shooting by my father as a small child. I was first exposed to competition shooting by my uncles Jim Clark Jr and Jerry Miculek while working as a gunsmith at Clark Custom Guns in Princeton, LA.

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