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Home Town

Home Shooting Facilities
BLM Ground most of the state and Southeastern Idaho Practical Shooters

My Speciality
I shoot in two disciplines 3 Gun Competition (Shotgun, Handgun, AR15 Rifles) and Sniper or Long Range Competition. The 3-Gun organization that I affiliate with is called the United States Practical Shooting Association (WWW.USPSA.COM ). 3-Gun shooting is very dynamic in nature with no set or pre-established courses of fire. Each match is made up of a certain number of stages of fire. These stages of fire may require the shooter to use multiple firearms to complete the course. Almost all course of fire are time driven, that is your score is divided by the amount of time it took you to complete the stage of fire. The Sniper or Long Range Competition is similar as to the 3-Gun in that you never know what type of course that you will have to fire. I could be in Wyoming shooting across canyons over 1000 yards away or down in Texas firing at 1/4 " dots at 100 yards from a variety of positions. It is very demanding in nature and truly test the shooters skills and intellect as well. In 2007: Winner MGM Iron Man Match

Why did i choose Fiocchi?
Fiocchi Shotgun Ammunition delivers high quality hard hitting ammunition that is consistent and affordable to everyone. Everything from the Power Spreaders to the Low Recoil Slugs has given me the extra edge that I need to win!” Bennie W. Cooley Jr. 4 Time USPSA National Champion, 3 Time SOF World Champion.

Who introduced you to the sport ?
I worked for the Department of Energy (DOE) Special Response Team and we all had specialties that we were assigned. Mine was shooting and during my 20 years at DOE I have had many mentors from civilian, law enforcement and military organizations throughout my career. To name them would take too long and I am afraid that I would leave someone out as they are all equally important!