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Fiocchi's Little Kitchen

The perfect recipe if you have little time but want to show off a great plate!

This recipe serves 4 people:

- 1 kg of Deer Filet
- 200 ml of red wine
- 1 tablespoon of single cream
- 1/2 Tablespoon of white flour
- butter
- Salt and pepper
- 20 juniper berries


Clean the fillet and remove any fat. Cut it in 4 identical slices, roll the meat in salt, pepper and crushed juniper berries.
Put butter in a pan and heat it, adding the remaining juniper berries.
Sear the meat in the pan on a medium/highish flame for 3 minutes on each side.
Remove the meat from the pan and put it on a plate, lower the flame and pour the wine in the pan, add the flour, a little bit of water to make the flour melt (if not filter it before serving) the cream.
Fix salt and pepper. And put the fillets back in and let them cook  at a low flame for 2 minutes on each side.
Serve on a dish with potetoes and your choice of greens, covering the meat with the wine sauce.

The best wines to have with this are a nice Pinot Nero or a Merlot.

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the U.S.A!

For this event, we have decided to give you an amazing recipe to try out, specially if you do not feel like roasting the whole bird or want to try your turkey in a different way this year.
ideally served with mashed potatoes and all the normal thanksgiving sides :-)


600gr/1.5 lb  Turkey breast
1 glass of white wine
50gr/4Tablespoons of grated parmisan cheese
A bit of flour
30gr/2Tablespoons butter
Grated truffle (white or black) or 2 tablespoons of truffle oil
salt and pepper


With a meat hammer, flatten out the turkey breast and cover each slice with flour, then preheat a pan with butter on medium fire.
Put the slices in and let them saute' in the pan on both sides 2 or 3 minutes per side, add the white wine, salt and pepper as you please.
Keep cooking again for another 10 minutes (5 per side), then lower the flame and add top the turkey with the parmisan, cover
all with a lid and let the parmisan melt. Once it has melted, turn off fire, grate truffle on the turkey or add truffle oil and serve!

This is a great recipe if you are looking for something different to do, and you can even work this out with the next day turkey leftovers,
you just reheat all in a pan (taking skin off) with a little bit of wine and add cheese and truffle.

recipe brought to you by tradition and by C.V.Fiocchi

This simple to prepare salt is ideal for white meats and fish. It will give your dish a fresh and interesting flavour even when you need
to cook in a rush!
You can store it in a sterilized glass jar for up to 18 months, and even put it in small bags as a gift to friends and familybecause it smells wonderfully.

You will need:

- 180 gr of sea salt
- the washed peel of 2 lemons (avoid all white parts)
- 2 handfulls of fresh sage
- a food processor
- a small 200 ml sterilized jar with lid.

Place the salt in the food processor and add all other ingredients, grind untill smooth.
Jar with lid and write day of creation on the jar. Store in a dark and dry place for a month before using.







Please do remember the author of the recipe or Fiocchi Ammunition does not take any responsability if you poison yourself while following recipies, we cannot check your ingredients
or storing methods for you, so always take care in what you do!


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