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The NFDN has entered into a long-term partnership with Fiocchi Ammunition in order to bring consumers the largest & finest selection of ammunition available on the market, by introducing The Fiocchi branded NFDN web-store that is linked directly to Fiocchi’s available inventory nationwide.

When you log onto storefronts appear on your computer’s screen—digital street signs for Fiocchi Ammunition, Beretta, Smith & Wesson and many other gunmakers. You’ll be able to shop by company or firearm type.

You can just go right in with a few clicks to check out whatever you’re after. As you do you’ll cleanly view competing products and see technical information that’ll make you an educated consumer.

Of course you can’t walk out of a virtual gun store with a gun. Your order will be sent to a nearby gun dealer that has a Federal Firearms License (FFL). You can then go right into the gun shop of your choosing and complete your purchase—after going through a background check, of course.

The local gun store won’t mind, either, because it gets the sale. It simply pays NFDN a monthly fee for the service. NFDN provides the gun shop with a website template that it can modify and control. The store can even upload more products and name its own prices.

Basically, NFDN is a central hub that sends your searches into the deep databases of the four largest distributors. When you choose a product—a gun, riflescope or whatever—you click “Buy Now” and then choose where you want to physically purchase your product. As you do that you are seamlessly transferred to a website maintained by a local gun shop or sporting goods retailer.

A great benefit of the system is that you can find almost anything real-time in the distributors’ warehouses. Your local gun shop might not have Fiocchi 4.6x30 H&K, but NFDN’s real-time link to the distributors’ databases will likely turn up whatever you’re after. You can even compare prices by using NFDN’s site to check the websites of your local gun stores.
Maybe you’ve seen some of your local gun shops go bust. Maybe you’ve lamented that those independent little stores with the gun guru behind the counter are being beat-out by the big-box stores and destination retailers. Maybe you still go to a local gun shop when you can because the service is so good and because you know that the guys or gals behind the counter know their guns. Well, NFDN works exclusively with those types of stores.

NFDN has already signed up more than 730+ local stores and is growing. As it expands, NFDN is helping to level the playing field for local sporting goods stores. This isn’t to say that one type of store is better than another, but rather that more competition—choices for you—is a good thing.


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