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As if they needed any introduction :-) But in case you missed meeting this great family, we would love you to see their amazing talent!

Meet Jerry Miculek, Lena Miculek, Kay and the rest of the family.

Fiocchi proudly sponsors them.  They are full time professional competitors national and international competitions.  They have been dominating the 3-Gun circuit the past several years.
Jerry’s Facebook page has 390,000 likes.  His youtube videos range from 400,000 to 1.2 million hits each.  He has filmed for many tv series and this year the family has their own reality TV series:: “Shootout Lane”.

Mike Landers wrote an amazing article on them on “Recoil Magazine”, photos by Henry Z. De Kuyper:

The First Family of Shooting
Despite Being the Reigning Dynasty in Competition Shooting, Jerry, Kay, and Lena Miculek Remain as Humble and Enthusiastic as They Were the First Day on the Range. Competition Has also Brought the Family Even Closer, Giving Credence to the Sentiment That the Family Who Shoots Together Stays Together.

Few names in the world of competitive shooting draw the admiration, reverence, and respect as Miculek. In our world this family is royalty, and seeing that surname on the list of competitors for a shooting event is akin to seeing “Andretti” at an IndyCar race lineup, “Manning” on a football team’s roster, or “Gracie” on an MMA fight card. The Miculeks come to win, and they always win. Perhaps that’s overstating it a tad bit, as on any given day anyone can win or lose out on the range, but if you had to go with the odds, they are your best bet at easy money.

Jerry Miculek, the patriarch of the clan, needs no introduction. For evidence of his unparalleled greatness and consistency, one need only know that he’s won the International Revolver Championship — 20 years in a row. That’s two decades. He’s simply the best in the world, and his other accomplishments read like a bucket list of titles for any aspiring shooter. Kay Miculek’s résumé is just as impressive, as she is one of the best competition shooters to ever pull a trigger. And then there’s their daughter, Lena. Beginning a competitive career at the tender age of 8, this 17-year-old has already etched her name on championship plaques at the 3-Gun Nation shoot-off in Vegas during the 2013 SHOT Show and at the 2012 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot (Standard Division). More recently she earned second place at the 2013 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun match in the Ladies Tactical Optics Division and was also High Junior. What’s that saying about the falling apple and the tree?

“I’m not sure how old she was, but we were at a restaurant and Lena asked the waitress for a ‘reload’ on her drink. We knew she was a shooter early on,” quips proud mom Kay, as we chatted at the Rio Salado Sportsman Club Range during this year’s Superstition Mountain competition. (It should be noted that Jerry took top honors as the Match Champion and High Senior, and Kay won the Women’s Open Division.)

While the family’s accomplishments on the range are the stuff of legend, they pale in comparison to their values as a family and their roles as ambassadors to the shooting sports off the range. Being the best doesn’t always draw friendships, but the Miculeks possess that rare ability of being liked as much as they are respected. Jerry’s Louisiana drawl shines through in conversation and, as cliché as it sounds, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Kay and Lena are as well, and the family’s achievements coupled with their personable nature represent the diversity that exists among firearms owners and enthusiasts in this country today.

RECOIL Magazine: What drew you into the world of firearms enthusiasm?

Jerry Miculek: I was the only gun nut in my family, and hunting is what brought me in, really. When hunting season shut down, my friends and I would look at each other like, “Well, how are we gonna make noise now?” [Laughs.] We spent a lot of time with .22 rifles when I was coming up and then I started reading about the old exhibition shooter Ed McGivern, and I just wanted to learn to shoot a revolver well. My buddy who I used to shoot with all the time when we were young started buying revolvers, and we began playing around with Ed’s techniques. It was a lot of fun. I ended up meeting a guy from Arizona who was working in our area doing construction, and he was a pistol enthusiast who had been shooting in matches in Arizona. I saw him shooting steel on a stick with a 1911 and thought, “Man, it don’t get no better than this!” I started running a 1911 and just kept going.

Kay Miculek: My father was a gunsmith and a competition shooter so I was raised around it, which piqued my interest. Jerry and I actually met when he came up to practice with my brother, and I guess we dated at matches ever since. [Laughs.]

Lena Miculek: Of course my parents introduced me to shooting. It’s just a way of life for our family. We’re like any other family. Except when we do laundry, we find bullets in the washing machine and make little piles. [Laughs.]

But what does the Miculek family have to say about Fiocchi?

Kay..."You can always count on challenging long range rifle shots at the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun and this year was no exception.  My total confidence in the accuracy of my Fiocchi Exacta Match 69 grain loads enabled me to easily meet these challenges and resulted in my highest stage score, a 7th place overall finish on Stage 8 in the Open Divsion."

Lena..."I credit my 2nd place overall finish on Stage 10 to my pull away performance with my shotgun, especially on the long range steel slug targets.  The light recoil and accuracy of the Fiocchi 7/8 ounce slug makes it my favorite.

Jerry..."This was probably one of the most demanding matches of the year, with high disaster factors everywhere.  With winning and losing determined by seconds, the last thing I want to worry about is my ammo.  With Fiocchi shotshells in my shooting bag, I can count on a flawless match."

And what is the Miculek family have going on in this moment?

Check out "Shootout Lane!" you can see a preview of the first episode here!
And if you have not done so already, subscribe to their Facebook Page and the dedicated YouTube Channel!