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Greetings!!!  This week, we’re going to highlight “felt recoil”.  Recoil effects your shooting in several ways.  For me, excessive recoil causes my head to rise off the comb of the stock, thus I will shoot over the top of the target.  It also causes fatigue and shortens my shooting day.  There is also additional muzzle rise that extends the time to acquire the second bird in a pair.

As we know, recoil is an unavoidable evil in shooting however there are ways it can be reduced.  For you folks that shoot an over / under shotgun, there are several recoil reduction systems on the market.  Semi-automatic shotguns thru their operation can reduce recoil and there are attachments that can be used as well.

The quickest and easiest way to solve this challenge is using ammunition that is designed to result in less felt recoil while still provide exceptional performance.  That ammo is Fiocchi.

For the recreational shooter or competitive shooter in practice sessions, the Shooting Dynamics line of products is right for you.  Whether 1 oz. 1170 fps, 1200 fps, or 1250 fps, these loads really destroy targets without beating you up.  The Shooting Dynamics line also offers 1 1/8 oz. loads at 1165 fps, 1200 fps, and 1250 fps.  No one wants to stop shooting because there are tired.

When it’s time for the tournament, we recommend our Exacta line.  These loads utilize superior components that just like their relative, the Shooting Dynamics, have the same attention to reducing recoil.  Either the 1 oz. 1250 fps Little Rino or the 1 1/8 oz. 1250 fps White Rino, meets the task.  These loads are used by the top shooters such as Anthony Matarese Jr. (reigning World English Sporting Clays Champion) or Diane Sorantino who has more National and World Titles than I can count.

To sum it up, if you want superior performance and less felt recoil, give the Shooting Dynamics or Exacta line shells a try.  Ask your local range or retailer for the best shotgun ammo, Fiocchi.  For more information, go to .