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Hunts abound in great works of Roman literature. In his epic masterpiece, Metamorphoses, Ovid (43 BCE – 17 CE,) retold myths and legends of transformations: a hunter turned into a stag, to be brought down by his own hounds; nymphs transformed into trees or birds to escape unwelcome suitors; or a god taking the form of another creature to deceive his wife.

Assume a hunting buddy commands his friend, “Come on! Take the shot!” The buddy supported his command by pointing out that they’d been hunting for three days and had been unsuccessful thus far.  The hunter with the rifle replied, “It’s a little out of my range and it’s windy.” His rifle hadn’t been sighted in beyond one hundred yards and this was a 350-yard shot. The buddy commanded again, “Take the shot. It may be years before you have another chance to get an elk!”

The story of Rome began when Rhea Silvia, a Vestal Virgin, gave birth to twin boys. Her claim that they were the sons of the god Mars was not believed. Left to die by the River Tiber, her babies were saved by a she-wolf...

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