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The most famous ‘hunting’ legend from ancient Crete is of the Greek hero Theseus who successfully tracked down and defeated the ferocious Minotaur, a man-bull kept hidden in a labyrinth under the palace at Knossos. The civilisation that flourished on the island in the Bronze Age was named Minoan after Minos, its mythical king.


Dogs have been our hunting companions for thousands of years but when did this partnership begin? Scholars believe that dogs descend from the gray wolf, Canis lupus, the largest member of the Canid family, which includes foxes and coyotes, but have not yet established where they were first domesticated. Was it in the Middle or Far East or did dogs accompany our ancestors out of Africa? It is more likely that they were domesticated in several places at different times.

Our reputation is an intangible value we inherited from our previous generations and we must preserve it for the future ones.                                  

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