In my travels, I’ve had the pleasure to meet with thousands of shooters across the country and around the world. Many questions are regarding primers in shotgun shells.  There seems to be an issue where some brands use primers that cause damage to firing pins. Let me assure you, Fiocchi primers have never caused any damage to my firearms.

I discussed this with Fiocchi’s Customer Service guru Troy Potter.  Troy has been with us for well over 20 years and is an expert.  He writes…
The Fiocchi 616 shotshell primer is a reliable, economical primer that uses modern technology to offer peak performance with today’s smokeless powders.  Fiocchi 616 primers are of course non-corrosive and contain no mercury.  Fiocchi 616 primers are known world-wide by hunters and target shooters for their reliability in Fiocchi loaded shotshells.

Reloaders know them as an economical primer that gives performance beyond their price.  Fiocchi uses modern technology to continually improve the performance of the 616 primers while keeping their cost down and performance up.  The raw materials used to make 616s are tested for acceptance before they become the components of the primer.  Then the finished components of the Fiocchi 616 primer (primer cup, battery cup, anvil, and priming compound) are tested continually during the assembly and manufacturing process for proper tolerance, sensitivity, and reliability to ensure reliable ignition and consistent performance in the field or on the range.

Having total confidence in your ammunition makes for a much better experience whether it’s on the range or out in the field. Remember, it’s the shot that break the target!!!