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I don't think its excessive hyperbole to say that the days we're in now are among the most important for gun rights that America has seen in the last 75 years.  While Defense Distributed's recent victorious court settlement with the State Department has rendered gun control null and void in a guerrilla sort of fashion, there are still many legal threats to the 2nd Amendment way of life.

So the question is: where do you stand on fighting for gun rights?  I'm not asking this rhetorical question to gauge what you vocalize regarding gun rights, but what you actually move your body to do in defense of our rights.  Do you own a gun?  Carry one?  Voice your opinion on Facebook and at the polls?  A great start, but these days that's only enough to lose the fight slowly.  Many anti-gun measures are being passed by popular ballot measures, and the only way to respond is in kind.  This takes organization, many volunteer hours and a passion for the fight.  The radical anit-gunners seem to bring this fervor to every fight, we need to as well.

Many don't have the time or ability to spend countless hours handing out pamphlets or canvassing neighborhoods though, so how to stay involved?  Become a member of one of the organizations fighting the good fight in court.  None of them are perfect, all have either lost fights before or made compromises many believe they shouldn't have.  It's ok to accept that while still making a choice to support one of them, because to stay out of the fight entirely is to watch your rights erode before your eyes, knowing you didn't stand up to help.

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